Aluminium roller shutters for vehicles

Serena Production srl is a company in Brescia with 40 years of experience in outfitting special vehicles. We are specialised in processing aluminium to produce roller shutters for commercial and industrial vehicles, emergency vehicles and vans.

outfitting industrial vehicles

outfitting special vehicles, van conversions and vehicle bodies

pickup truck conversions

Serena Production, has been operating throughout Italy for over 40 years, dealing with outfitting industrial vehicles with care,  constructing each piece needed to transform the vehicle into a functional, versatile and efficient means.

Serena Production is a leader in machining aluminium profiles. We are engaged in particular, in the assembly of industrial, commercial and public utility motor vehicles.

outfitting special vehicles: van conversions and vehicle bodies

chassis transformation

Besides outfitting, our engineers have the necessary equipment for transforming the chassis of special vehicles  and constructing truck bodies for them.

There are many accessories with which you can adapt and make good outfitttings  for special vehicles,  adapting them to individual requirements.

pickup truck, jeep and van conversions

Located in Flero, in the province of Brescia, the company is specialised in the preparation of emergency and fire brigade vehicles, firefighting vehicles and jeeps, pumper vehicles and more.

In addition to the conversion of cars, pickup trucks, vans and trucks, we are able to perform the preparation of polyfunctional trailers and trucks for transporting any type of equipment. It is also possible to equip these means with special slides to facilitate equipment loading and unloading operations.

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