Aluminium roller shutters for vehicles

Serena Production srl is a company in Brescia with 40 years of experience in outfitting special vehicles. We are specialised in processing aluminium to produce roller shutters for commercial and industrial vehicles, emergency vehicles and vans.

mobile office outfitting and furnishing

for commercial or industrial use

mobile offices

Serena Production srl is a reference point all over Italy for outfitting special vehicles and mobile workshops  for commercial and industrial uses.

Our company is based in Brescia and serves public bodies, professionals, craftsmen, representatives and anyone who has to work offsite with their own work tools.

We can convert cars, SUVs, vans, trucks and trailers into multipurpose mobile offices  thanks to the work of our company's skilled personnel.

aluminium drawers and shelving for mobile offices

aluminium drawers

The outfitting includes customised aluminium drawers, fitted with a comfortable handle or button release system. We also make customised shelves and floors using the same materials of the lining.


materials used

industrial vehicles

We also carefully carry out interior lining of vehicles,  each time using the most suitable material depending on the type of activity. We use:

  • smooth or rice grain anodized aluminium;
  • fibreglass;
  • wood;
  • phenolic marine plywood;
  • linoleum;
  • rubber.

mobile offices for any use

outfitting mobile workshops

In our opinion, a properly outfitted mobile office must meet three requirements:

  1. functionalityà
  2. comfort
  3. versatility

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