Aluminium roller shutters for vehicles

Serena Production srl is a company in Brescia with 40 years of experience in outfitting special vehicles. We are specialised in processing aluminium to produce roller shutters for commercial and industrial vehicles, emergency vehicles and vans.

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fittings and roller shutters for vehicles

Please complete the form on this page for further information or to request a quotation for our equipment for special vehicles,.Our staff will contact you promptly.

Alternatively, please contact Serena Production srl directly on one of these telephone numbers:

+39 030 2680909, +39 030 2677496, +39 030 2170480

Serena Production is a dynamic and experienced company empowered by the superior expertise of its staff in the construction of aluminium fittings for emergency vehicles, special vehicles, vans and trucks and all types of industrial vehicles.Our services also include: vehicle body conversion to van and truck formats; rugged and special bodywork reinforcement ; industrial vehicle conversions.

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