Aluminium roller shutters for vehicles

Serena Production srl is a company in Brescia with 40 years of experience in outfitting special vehicles. We are specialised in processing aluminium to produce roller shutters for commercial and industrial vehicles, emergency vehicles and vans.

preparation of vehicles for civil protection use

outfitting fire brigade vehicles and emergency vehicles

emergency vehicles

The workshop and body shop of Serena Production, which is active throughout the province of Brescia, manufactures special, high quality equipment for any vehicle used as pumper.

Our expert mechanics intervene on:

  • Civil protection vehicles;
  • fire brigade vehicles;
  • emergency vehicles.
  • With over 40 years of experience in the field of special equipment, the Brescia company is the partner of choice for outfitting emergency vehicles.

roller shutters for 4x4s and off-road trucks

Serena Production srl has designed and manufactured shutters for every type of vehicle for over twenty years. This allows us to prepare cars, 4x4s, fire fighting vehicles, off-road trucks, trucks and trailers, immediately ready for action simply by opening, manually or electrically, the various aluminium roller shutters.

To find out about the vehicles on which we can intervene and the costs for each intervention, please contact our office at: +39 030 2680909. You will immediately receive all the answers you need.

jeep pumpers

customisable accessories

Serena Production's mechanics are experts in converting vehicles for civil protection use. Moreover, our body shop provides a large variety of fully customisable accessories, in order to give each vehicle the required fittings:

  • hand rails;
  • hose bays;
  • nozzle supports;
  • extractable slides.

Each of these accessories is made with quality materials. Outfittings can be made on different types of chassis, of every make and model on the market.

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